Gone HAM!

Hey, I have been updating Mega8.tumblr.com a ton. Go check it out! Here is a little teaser from the page:
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There is a ton of other stuff as well, so you should go check it out (Please)!

I also just started a Instagram account, my name is GrownBoneJones, feel free to follow me for more pics lie the one you see below! 🙂



Illustration by Pat Henzy
It has been awhile since I posted any art on this blog, so I decided to draw up a Moogle. I have been playing Secret of Mana recently and I love these guys!
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Pinball made the world spin around!

Not so much any more, but there was a time that pinball was super popular. I was in a store in Cape May, New Jersey with my wife last weekend and I found this beautiful old pinball machine hiding out in a corner with a rack of DVD’s sitting in front of it. Obviously I couldn’t play it because of this(and the fact that it wasn’t on either). I really liked the stencil artwork that was on the side of it and plan to make a few King/playing card stencils soon inspired by this machine. The way old pinball machine artwork was applied to the machines was pretty awesome, it’s kinda funny that stencils like this have become more of a street art type thing these days but used to be used for a ton of pinball machines.