Wallenpaupack Brewing Hydroelectric IPA

Just saw the final product of the labels I did for Wallenpaupack Brewing Company. I haven’t gotten my hands on any yet, but there were plenty of nice photos on Untapped so I figured I would post some of my favorites up on here. I tried to give it a bit of a 90’s comic book look. Cheers!


Eight Bit Punk


Been awhile since I’ve posted here. I have still been collecting games but just haven’t had much time to write about them, that will be coming soon enough. I have been making some art here and there though and here is one of the more recent things I made.

I grew up in the punk rock scene. Nowadays it seems like everyone is ripping off the old punk stuff. Well, screw it, so am I then! My War… my war is Contra! I google searched for similar designs to this and was surprised I couldn’t find anything! Original idea, score! Anyway… you can pick up stickers of this over at Redbubble and shirts, hoodies, pillows, mugs and other stuff at Society6. Here are the product links:

Society6 Eight Bit Punk

Redbubble Eight Bit Punk

Gone HAM!

Hey, I have been updating Mega8.tumblr.com a ton. Go check it out! Here is a little teaser from the page:
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There is a ton of other stuff as well, so you should go check it out (Please)!

I also just started a Instagram account, my name is GrownBoneJones, feel free to follow me for more pics lie the one you see below! 🙂

Second Opinion: Silent Hill: Downpour

Illustration by Pat Henzy

I read a lot of bad reviews about Silent Hill: Downpour… but every now and then I would run into a review that mentioned how much better than Silent Hill: Homecoming it was. Well, I loved Homecoming so when the game finally went down to under $20.00 at Gamestop I picked up a copy for Xbox 360. I’m only about halfway through the game right now so I can’t really review it, but I can say that I am totally enjoying the game. The game itself feels like a movie to me. Wandering around on the streets reminds me a lot of the original game. The camera angles bring back the “good old days” for me and remind me of what the Resident Evil games where trying to do back then. So far I have run into a ton of fun stuff. At two points so far I have fallen and found myself riding a deadly water slide where spikes and all kinds of things are trying to kill me, it is very reminiscent of the scene in Goonies when they have pretty much the exact same thing happen to them. There are a good amount of “Esher” like disorienting effects as well, look up and see endless staircases that twist and turn and wait…what’s that? Another room on the ceiling complete with a TV couch and table. Wow! The camera sways and pulsates during certain scenes and gives the game a very Nightmare on Elm Street fell. Exploartion is fun but can get a little slow at points, but every time the game feels like it is about to slow down you can except a chase scene in which a glowing orb (a portal to the afterlife?) chases you and tries to suck you in. Yes… the monsters aren’t as cool as in previous games, sometimes the load times are brutal and there are a few frame rate issues when too many enemies are on screen but the game is pretty damn fun other than those few issues. Combat feels about the same as in previous Silent Hill games, but then again combat isn’t really the main focus of the game. I am having a ton of fun playing the game right now and for under $20.00 I can’t help but recommend the game to anyone that prefers their games to contain a bit of old school fun and a couple of scares along the way.

Wii U release night!

Illustration by Pat Henzy
For those that didn’t already know, tonight at midnight Nintendo releases their next console. The Wii U is completely sold out everywhere that offered pre-order options and anywhere you look online it is listed as sold out. There are tons of brave souls that are probably already setting up camp at stores all across the country at stores that are simply selling them as a first come first serve basis. Of course you can also always buy them from a 3rd party seller that will more than likely jack up the price a couple extra hundred dollars. I personally am just going to wait (maybe even until the price drops), even though it kills me a little bit to not be able to play a new Mario game. For the first time since the N64 released I won’t be getting a Nintendo console on launch day (sad face). Nintendo is offering two models, the white 8gb model for $299.99 and the black deluxe 32gb model for $349.99. Both models come with a gamepad, HDMI cable, sensor bar, and 2AC adapters (for both the console and gamepad). The deluxe model also throws in a Nintendoland game disk, gamepad cradle and a gamepad stand and console stand.

Let us know in the comments section if you are picking one up tonight, waiting till either a price drop or resupply or if you just simply have no desire to pick up a Wii U.

Adventures of Batman and Robin

Illustration by Pat Henzy

Batman games have always been unfairly looked upon as some of the worst licensed video games of all time. Sure, there are a few real stinkers like Batman: Dark Tomorrow. Batman: Dark Tomorrow is almost certainly one of the worst games I have ever played in my entire life. Batman Forever on Genesis and SNES was a terrible game as well and probably one of the only 16 bit games with loading screens. However, there have been quite a few awesome games (not including the two most recent spectacular games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City). Batman Vengeance was great at the time of release, though it hasn’t aged all that well. Rise of Sin Tzu is a solid arcade style beat em’ up. Batman on NES was a super fun game to play although it didn’t always feel like you were playing a Batman game. One of my all time favorite games is Batman Returns on the SNES, it is an arcade style beat em’ up in which you get to play as Batman. In other words, it is the reason a younger me purchased a SNES. The Adventures of Batman and Robin for Genesis gets to be lumped in with the better Batman games.
The SNES and Genesis games are actually completely different (sadly I have yet to play the SNES game). The SNES game plays as a slow side scrolling beat em’ up in which you only can play as Batman.

The Genesis version of the game plays like a run and gun type game and it includes both Batman and Robin as playable characters. In a lot of ways the game reminds me of Gunstar Heroes (which just so happens to be one of my favorite Genesis games of all time). If you have never played Gunstar Heroes then you can think of this game as playing similar to Contra with a bit of beat ’em up thrown in. This game has some of the best graphics that I have seen in a Genesis game. At first you wouldn’t notice, because the first stage seems pretty bland… but it is all uphill from there with bright and colorful graphics (but only when they should be… Batman is still grey and dark and some of the backdrops are as well). The game is based on the animated series of the same name and it shows, the developers really did a fantastic job keeping the graphics similar to the TV show. The best thing about this game is the ability to play it with a friend. The game is extremely difficult, but if you are up to the challenge it is also extremely fun. After 6 days of playing the game I finally had to admit defeat and use a Game Genie in order to play through the full game. As I said earlier I have yet to play the SNES version of this game and a couple other Batman games. However, as of right now I would have to rank this game up at the top of the list under the Arkham series, Batman Returns on SNES and Batman Rise of Sin Tzu.
One of the better games in the long list of Batman games is Adventures of Batman and Robin on Sega Genesis. Whether you are a fan of Batman or not this is a solid and fun Genesis game to add to your collection (especially if you enjoy multiplayer games).

Miller 64 Review

I just picked up a copy of Miller 64, I mean… wait, no I just picked up a case of Miller 64. Ummm… the stuff sucks. If you like your beer to taste like water then this is what you should be drinking. I normally drink craft beers and stuff like Sierra Navada Torpedo and Bells Two Hearted Ale, so light beers in general are never my first choice. I like Michelob Ultra though so I thought I should try this stuff out. Nope, the stuff is absolutely horrible, tastes like nothing, low alcohol content, skip it. Seriously, skip it… its not worth your time even if it sound like something you’d shove into your dusty Nintendo 64 console.