Local Movie Rentals

Durring the 1990’s and the early 2000’s one of the places people would flock to on a Friday or Saturday night was Blockbuster(or any other movie rental place). On those nights these places would be packed full of people searching through shelf after shelf of VHS or DVD cases. I remember going to blockbuster and buying/renting movies for almost every occasion. Blockbuster was the great equalizer, no matter who the person they probably rented a movie from time to time. If they were hanging out with friends they would go rent a movie. On a hot date, they would rent a movie (or two). If they were bored and had none of those things to do, well they would go rent three movies and order a pizza. I always loved going on vacation at the Jersey Shore when the vacation house my parents rented had a VHS or DVD player,because there were always movie rental places in those beach towns. I remember one year that I stayed at the Jersey Shore with my family and it rained most of the week we were there. Luckily there was a VHS player in the house and a little family run movie rental place down the block from where we were staying. I must have spent over a hundred dollars there that week buying movies. The store itself was more than just a place to rent and buy movies, it was also a general store of sorts. Years ago it was pretty normal to find places such as these. Up until last week I had thought places such as that had completely gone the way of the buffalo just like most of the Blockbuster stores.

My favorite movie to rent, I must have rented this 10 or more times in my life till I finally bought a used copy at a movie rental place that was going out of buisness.

Sadly, nowadays it is very tough if not impossible to find a movie rental place anywhere you go. The town I moved to two years ago had a huge Blockbuster up the street from our house, it closed within the first month I lived here. It seems that services like Netflix and Blockbuster on-line have completely removed the need for these places, the closest thing we have these days would be Redbox. Unfortunately Redbox has only the most recent popular movies and sometimes a few random older movies thrown in, but there really isn’t much of a selection. A few months back I was telling my wife how I really miss movie rental places because you could walk in not knowing what you wanted to rent and come out with something that was just released or something that was 10 years old(like an old horror movie you didn’t know had existed). Good luck trying to do that with Redbox.

Last weekend I went for a walk with my wife to a new frozen yogurt place that opened up. As we walked past the local pharmacy I noticed something that I had never noticed before (normally I drive past the place so I never really had a chance to peer in).

The front of the Pharmacy.

What I noticed was that a little bit less than half of the store was filled with shelves filled of DVD’s. Even better than that was the fact that there were two guys standing around in the store looking at the movies.

Movies! Movies! Movies!

Behind the pharmacy counter was another shelf with a sticker above it labeled New Releases, it was filled with DVD’s. I found a movie rental place around the corner from my house!

At the time my wife and I were on a mission to get frozen yogurt so I wasn’t going to make her suffer waiting for me while I went in and checked the place out. I decieded I would go back another day to check the place out. The only way this place would be cooler is if I found that they rented a ton of old video games too(but that might be asking for way too much).

So today I went for a walk by myself with my camera to check the place out. Unfortunately it was closed, but I plan on going back and getting a membership /finding out how to rent movies there. I was still able to snap these two photos of the place. One of the outside and the other of the inside(through the glass window).


Pinball made the world spin around!

Not so much any more, but there was a time that pinball was super popular. I was in a store in Cape May, New Jersey with my wife last weekend and I found this beautiful old pinball machine hiding out in a corner with a rack of DVD’s sitting in front of it. Obviously I couldn’t play it because of this(and the fact that it wasn’t on either). I really liked the stencil artwork that was on the side of it and plan to make a few King/playing card stencils soon inspired by this machine. The way old pinball machine artwork was applied to the machines was pretty awesome, it’s kinda funny that stencils like this have become more of a street art type thing these days but used to be used for a ton of pinball machines.

Sega Saturn

This past weekend I finally got my hands on a Sega Saturn of my very own. A
couple of my friends have owned Sega Saturns throughout my life and I had always been jealous of them. The Sega Saturn was a great system at the time it was released. Unfortunately the Playstation kicked the Saturns butt pretty early on and 3rd party support dropped off the radar. I remember playing almost perfect arcade ports of games on my friends Saturn systems though and couldn’t figure out why the Playstation was winning the battle between the two consoles. As far as I was concerned the system that had arcade ports such as Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally Championship, Virtua Cop and Die Hard Arcade was the obvious winner. Plus I really liked Clockwork Knight, Bug!, Sonic 3D blast and Three Dirty Dwarves.

I was away for the weekend so I had my Mom pick up the Saturn for me (she loves all things related to flea markets, yard sales and craigslist, so she didn’t mind picking this up for me). For forty bucks I got the following:

A sega Saturn, one regular controller and the 3D controller(which was originally a pack in with the game Nights).

I also got a ton of games with the lot. Here are the games that I got with the system:

Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic 3D Blast, Nights into Dreams, Sega Rally Championship, X-Men:Children of the Atom, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, True Pinball, World Series Baseball 2, NHL 97, Madden 97, The Lost World-Jurrasic Park, Quarterback Attack, a Panzer Dragoon preview disk and a Bug! preview disk.

I tested the system out last night and it works like a charm. I played Night Warriors and X-Men for awhile but I couldn’t stay up too late because I had work in the morning. I plan to play a lot of Nights next weekend (it was one of the games that my friends and I used to play a lot of when I was younger).