Cheapo Gameboy lot

Over this past weekend I decided to try my hand at what I could find on e-bay. I was trying to see what games I could pick up for Gameboy on the cheap. I realized recently that all the newer games coming out are not really holding my interest. Sure they are super shiny and full of explosions and what not, but I really miss the simple games of the past. This is why I decided to look for a few more Gameboy games to add to my collection. I came across a few games listed at $2.00 at the time. I bid up to $5.00 and ended up winning the whole lot for $3.00. Here are the games that I got:

The games are Kirby’s Dream Land, Golf, Tetris, Word Zap, Ren and Stimpy: Space Cadet Adventures and TMNT: Fall of the Foot.
Just to get Kirby, Ren and Stimpy and TMNT for that price would be great. But to get the other games as well is a great bonus, even if Tetris is my third duplicate copy. The game that I was most excited to play was TMNT. Back in grade school one of my friends had this game, but he never would let me try it out. I sat down outside and played TMNT today while I was grilling hamburgers. It is a fun game, but it isn’t very difficult. I played up until the final boss before I lost all 4 of my turtles. I’m pretty certain that I will beat the game on my second playthrough. The graphics are awesome for a Gameboy game and the music is as well. The first level contains the TMNT theme song(I think the last stage does as well). I popped each of the other games in my Gameboy very briefly. Ren and Stimpy has great graphics for a Gameboy game as well. Kirby seems to be a fun game (just like all the other Kirby games) and I’m sure I’ll give this game a full playthrough pretty soon. Everyone knows Tetris so I won’t go any further with that one. I don’t understand Word Zap at all (but I only gave it about a minute or two of play time). Golf looks like a game I could really get into and I probably will while sitting on my back patio this summer. I plan to check E-bay for good Gameboy lots throughout the summer, at a couple of bucks a pop I can afford to grab a few every so often(and of course I will be posting about them here when I do).


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