Punch-Out for Wii

Illustration by Pat Henzy

In the year 1987 everyone was playing Punch-Out on Nintendo. Everyone was trying to beat Mike Tyson, but only a few were able to complete that task. I can vividly remember all the kids in my neighborhood talking about the game, a large percentage of them claimed that they had already beaten Mike Tyson. I knew this was a lie, the game was brutally difficult.

Punch-Out returned to Nintendo consoles in 2009 for the Wii, Unfortunately sans Mike Tyson.
When the game was first released I had planned to pick it up, but my video game purchases at the time were generally focused on Xbox 360. Unfortunately at the time I missed out on a fantastic game because of this.

Punch-Out for Wii is a grade A game for the Wii system. It should appeal to all gamer types from the very young to the hardcore player.
The animation is top notch, the game looks like a cartoon. I especially love the fact that if you hit an opponent in the same spot long enough that they start to bruise or show bumps and welts in those areas.

Title Defense mode is the most fun I’ve had in a game in a long while. After you have completed the game you have to defend your title against each fighter, but each fighter has picked up new tricks at this point. King Hippo tapes a manhole cover onto his belly so you can no longer hit him there.

The only down side to this game for some people might be the difficulty, the game does get frustratingly hard towards the end. I’m also not sure if younger players will enjoy this game as much as I did. The game is about as deep as the original N.E.S. game as far as game play goes, which isn’t very deep. Once you strip away the perfect control and fantastic animation it is essentially the same game as the original, I don’t know if that is enough to hold the attention of this generation of gamers. If you, like me, spent a great deal of your youth trying to work your way up the ranks to Mike Tyson you will find this highly addictive game to be one of the Wii’s best games released.


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