Amazon Purchases

I recently picked up a couple of games through Amazon. My Brother in law gave me a gift card for Christmas and I ran right to I normally wouldn’t post something like this but I had a great experience with all the items that I purchased through Amazon. I used to be afraid to use Ebay and Amazon and I have totally changed my mind about both sites over the past few years. The games I picked up were as follows:

Megaman 2 for Gameboy
Warioland: Shake It! for Wii
Punch-Out for Wii
Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings for PS1

Each of the sellers listed these games as Good(other than Punch-Out which was listed as New), but each of these came in like new condition. I kind of expected Lemmings to show up in a generic case and maybe a little worn looking, but to my surprise it came perfect. No cracks in the case, full instruction booklet and the disk looked like it was never ever used. I am super excited to have received Lemmings because I plan to do a full review on the game over the course of the next month or so.

The sellers that I bought from are listed below:

Rock30 Games (Megaman 2)
Reset Games (Punch-Out)
DMMSTUFF (Wario Land)
MARY4376 (Lemmings)

I recommend each of these sellers. On top of the fact that the games all came looking brand new I also got them super quick(each in less that 7 days). Hopefully if anyone out there has a fear of using Amazon my post might help them to fear it just a little bit less.


Lemmings: My favorite game that I’ve never owned

Illustration by Pat Henzy

We all have one of those games that although we liked them quite a bit we never got around to owning a copy. For me one of those games is Lemmings. The first time I ever saw Lemmings was on my friend’s Amiga computer. At the time I only owned a Nintendo, the Sega Genesis had only recently been released and I had never seen the type of graphics that the Amiga could churn out. Surprisingly my favorite game on the Amiga was a simple puzzle game called Lemmings. In Lemmings you must help the Lemming creatures make it to the exit. It sounds easy enough, but its not. The Lemmings are dumb, very very dumb. What you do to complete each level is click on lemmings to give them jobs, they can do things such as build a bridge, dig a tunnel, float using an umbrella and tons of other things. I remember this game being frustratingly hard and my friend and I spending hours on individual levels while we alternated turns each time one of us failed. Throughout my entire life I have had fond memories of this game but for some reason or another I never ended up getting a copy of my own.
Lemmings on PS1

The game was ported to almost every console from Gameboy to PS1. I have been expecting to see a copy pop up on Xbox Live Arcade since the day Worms was released for Live Arcade(Worms is a similar puzzle game, but only in the way that you would say Tetris is similar to Yoshi’s Cookie or Super Puzzle Fighter). I have currently made it my mission to find a copy of this game (Probably for Genesis or PS1) and review it in the near future to see if it holds up to the memories I have of the game. Lemmings is my favorite game that I never owned a copy of. What’s yours?

Batman skins pack drops December 6th

Illustration by Pat Henzy

On December 6th 2011 the Batman Skins DLC pack drops on Xbox 360 and PS#. Sure we have all had a chance to check out YouTube and see a few of the skins people received via pre-order bonuses, but finally we will be able to own all the skins this upcoming Tuesday. You can pre-order the skins pack through Gamestop right now for $4.99, it has been available for pre-order since the day Arkham City released. There will be 7 skins included in the pack. I am most excited for The Dark Knight Returns skin, but the Batman Beyond and Year One skin are great as well. I really wish they would have brought back the armored suit from the first game, but this is such an awesome pack that I will let it slide. If you as big a Batman fan as I am this is a must have purchase(I have had mine pre-ordered since the day I picked up my copy of Arkham City). Heck, even if you are not a huge Batman fan but still enjoyed this game it is only five dollars for 7 skins.

Sonic CD HD!

Sonic CD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Iphone!
The game will feature enhanced graphics as well as the original Japanese soundtrack. It also runs on a completely new engine, this worries me but I am optimistic. Sonic CD is a fantastically fun game, I own two copies of the game at present. One original copy and Sonic Gems Collection for Gamecube which contains the game.
Anyone who has never played Sonic CD should download the game the day it is released, I spent the entire summer in 1993 traveling through time with Sonic. In Sonic CD you can travel to the Past and into the Future, it is awesome to see what the stages look like in different time periods. As far as gameplay goes it is classic Sonic. If you like the Sonic games you are going to love this game. If you hate them, well… this one might just change your mind. Sonic CD is my favorite Sonic game of all time. I believe the stages to have the best level design of any Sonic game past or present. I was on the fence about whether or not I was going to pick this game up only because I already have two copies of the game. As soon as I found out that they will be adding Tails I totally made up my mind, I WILL be picking this game up on the day it is released. You should too!