Xbox 360 Dashboard update 2011 to include Facebook Update!

Illustration by Pat Henzy


On December 6th Xbox Live finally gets a Facebook update. Sure the Xbox itself gets an entire dashboard update on that date, but the thing I’ve been waiting for is the Facebook update. Now I can finally automatically have my achievements posted to Facebook just like all my PS3 friends(trophies). There has been a huge population of Xbox gamers that have been asking for this feature for a fairly long time. A few of the other things that the update will add are quite cool as well. One of the additions is a feature called Beacons (a way to let your friends know what you’d like to play in the near future). They are also adding Cloud Storage, this should allow you to access your Gamertag and game saves from any Xbox and it should be a quick process (as opposed to the current Gamertag migration). Microsoft will also be bringing Bing search to the Xbox. Unfortunately you will only be able to search a limited number of sites (Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace). This number may become larger over time. The new dashboard is also supposed to work much better with Kinect as well. The future is looking bright.December 6th


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