Thrift Store Junkie #6

It has been awhile since I have updated this site, but I have an excuse… it has been a pretty dry summer as far as finding classic and retro games and such. I am going to make a more conscious effort to get out to the thrift store soon. I really want to start collecting more Sega Genesis games, I love that system. Anyway, this post will be super quick and simple (mainly because I haven’t tried out any of these games yet).

Last weekend my Mom stopped by my house with a bag full of games, she paid a quarter for each game!

I am most excited to play Rayman Rush, Spyro Year of the Dragon and Jet Force Gemini. I think I will try all of these out this weekend coming up.

My Mom also found a Dreamcast about a week ago. It had no wires, but it was free! It also came with Power Stone 2 in the disk tray. I never played this game either but I have heard great things about it in the past. I have 2 other Dreamcast’s with the wires so I will be checking this game out soon.

Here is something stupid that I did as well:

This is one of 5 Sega Genesis’s that I own, so it really wasn’t a big deal. I like using this Sega as my main Sega now anyway.

Till next time!


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