Thrift Store Junkie #4 (April 3rd 2011)

This past week I came across a few video game related finds. I expected to come across a lot more than I actually did because this weekend kicked off the beginning of flea market season in the area that I live. At the first flea market that I went to (on Saturday) I came across a great deal on a Nintendo 64. It was $10.00 and it came with the jumper pak and a bag full of games (there were probably 6 or 7 games in the bag). I owned most of the games already and had no need to bring home a 3rd Nintendo 64. I tried really hard to come up with a reason to buy the Nintendo 64, but in the end I realized I really didn’t need another duplicate system. I hope someone picked it up though because it really was a great deal. Other than that I didn’t come across anything good on Saturday. On Sunday I went to my local community college’s flea market. I was sure that there would be tons of great stuff at the flea market because people had been holding on to stuff all winter that they wanted to sell. I came across a few tables that were selling Sega Genesis sports games for way too much. I was pretty bummed out while I was walking down the last aisle of the flea market when I came to a table that was selling Wii, Xbox, PS2, Ninetendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis and Game Gear games. I spied a copy of Cruis’n Exotica for N64 sitting on the table for $5.00. I ended up getting the game for $3.00 thanks to my Mom who was also at the flea market with me (she is a great haggler).

My best find this weekend wasn’t really a find per se. My good friend Josh has been storing his car in my garage while he gets it fixed up so that he can get it on the road. He stops by on the weekends to work on it, but this past weekend when he came he had a box full of goodies for me! He knows that I collect anything video game related and the box he brought me contained an Atari 2600 and a ton of games. The Atari was covered in dust, but after I cleaned it up it turned out looking quite nice.

In the box there were a ton of loose games, some were doubles but not too many of them. Some of the better games I tried were Moon Patrol, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Dig-Dug and Mario Bros. I can also now proudly say that I own a copy of E.T for Atari 2600! Score!

He also gave me a handful of boxed games. Each of the game boxes contained the cartridge and the instruction book. I rarely ever come across Nintendo or Super Nintendo games that are in their original boxes, and these games are even older than those are. One of the games is for Intellivision (Dungeons and Dragons). The boxed Atari games were Space Invaders, Outlaw, Dark Cavern, Surround, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Air-Sea Battle, Star Ship, Combat, Star Wars and G.I. Joe.

I really enjoy having these boxed copies with their original instruction booklets. Some of the artwork in the booklets is pretty fun. I scanned a few of the pictures from the Pac-Man booklet into my computer so that I could include them here. The best part about the artwork is that the artist had fun with it and you can tell. Pac Man’s character wasn’t as established then as he is now. I’m sure any artist hired to do Pac Man artwork these days has to follow strict guidelines.

Thats it for this update. The weather is supposed to be in the 70’s in about 2 weeks and I’m sure people will start having a great number of yard sales as soon as that happens.

Till next time!


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