Battletoads for Sega Genesis Review

When I was younger one of the games I played the most was Battletoads for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It wasn’t one of my favorite games, but when I got bored with all my other games I would sometimes fall back into playing the game. I never completed the game, though I came close many times. The game never became stale to me. The game is brutally difficult but at the same time it isn’t unfair and I think that is what brought me back to it over and over. If you die in the game you deserve it. The game is a beat’ em up style game (similar to Double Dragon or Streets of Rage). I assume that Tradewest (the company that produced the game) was going for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knock-off when they created this game. The characters are very cool. The 3 Toads are musclebound and radical. Their leader/mentor is a chicken (Tradewests answer to Splinter from TMNT). All the enemies are very imaginative as well. I had only learned that the game was also released on Sega Genesis about 2 years ago. I wondered how the game played compared to the NES version. As you may have read in my last post, I found a copy of the game for Genesis at Goodwill for $1.00 last weekend. The game plays exactly like it did on the NES. The graphics look sharp and clean and truthfully I can’t imagine going back and playing this on NES now that I own the Genesis version. The game is extremely varied and has the Battletoads fighting their way through one level only to find themselves repelling down into a cavern, riding a speeder-bike or riding a surfboard in the next. The game seems to be a slight bit easier to play (I got through the speeder-bike level in a few tries, on the NES it took me days of memorization). Being that it is a port/update of an NES title though, only two buttons are used on the Genesis control pad (the attack button and the jump button). Sure, the game is just a port of an NES game, but it was one of the better NES games. The Genesis version of Battletoads is fantastic and worth picking up even if you have the NES version in my opinion, if you are able to find a copy of the game for a couple of dollars (or just one dollar like I did), pick it up.


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