The cake is a lie (Wii Component Cables, and the difference they make)


About a month ago my wife got me a new 40 inch HDTV. I have really enjoyed using it to play Xbox 360(hooked up with component cables), but the Wii looked horrible with the composite cables that came with the system. I figured since I have a HDTV now I might as well make the best of it. I decided to pick up a HDMI cable for my 360 and a component cable for my Wii. When I first started to look I could only find stores and sites that were selling each of these items for about $30.00. When I went to Gamestop looking for the component cable for Wii the clerk advised me that the component cable made no difference for the Wii and that it was pointless to buy a cable. This was a shame because at the time my Wii was nearly unplayable with the picture the composite cables were sending to the television. I gave up on my search for both of these cables until about a week ago when I found cheap versions on Amazon. In total I paid about $6.00 for a HDMI cable and a Wii component cable. I was worried that the Wii Component cable really wouldn’t make a difference on my television, but since it was only $3.00 I thought I’d still give it a try. Well, I got the cable on Wednesday and immediately plugged it in. It makes a world of a difference. Granted, it still doesn’t look like a PS3 or 360 but at least everything is cleaned up. Words no longer look blurry, Netflix looks great and I found myself playing Mario Galaxy 2 again. Without this cable my Wii was practically unplayable on my new television, but now I am excited to play my Wii again. If you haven’t picked up a component cable for Wii because someone told you it made no difference, ignore them, go find a $2.00- $3.00 cable on Amazon and start playing your Wii again! I can finally give my 360 a rest, I’m going to go play some Warioware and Mariokart Wii now.



    • Oh really? Looks like I’m going to have to make a quick trip over to 5 below, its been too long since I’ve been in there. Having a few extra HDMI cables around the house couldn’t be a bad thing.

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