X-Men Arcade Review

Thousands of gamers have finally gotten their wish. X-Men Arcade has been released on Xbox Live Arcade(and Playstation Network), and it is fantastic. The game plays exactly as you remember it.There have been no updates to the graphics or sound (the game has new voice over work, but I imagine this was done because of legal reasons and couldn’t be helped). After the mess that was Turtles in Time I am grateful that the graphics were left as they were back in 1992. I downloaded the game the day it was released and played it on-line immediately. It had horrible lag problems the day it was released, but the problem has since been fixed. The game plays flawlessly over Xbox Live. It is just like playing in the arcade with 5 other soda slurping’, bubble gum chewing strangers. The only gripe I have about the Live service for this game is that people are constantly popping in and out of games (but that is the case with most Xbox Live games). Another thing that is a little strange playing this game is how the strategy for playing has completely changed. When playing the game on-line you will notice that almost everyone uses their mutant ability over and over, dies, and then continues. In the arcade no one would have wanted to do this because it would cost a quarter to continue. I really hated the limited continues Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gave you during an online game, but now looking back, I think that approach makes the most sense. X-Men should have been handled this way as well, on-line games would play closer to the way they were played in the arcade in the 80’s. There are a few very strange glitches in this game as well, all effecting achievements (I don’t know if PS3s trophies are affected as well). Two of the achievements don’t seem to be triggered every time. I have tried to get each of these about ten times with no luck. These types of games are best played with friends in the same room, and that is exactly what I plan on doing this weekend. Getting a case of beer and sitting down with a few friends and playing X-Men. Now if we could just get Simpson’s Arcade released on the Live service I would be in heaven.


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