A Megaman Christmas

For Christmas this year I received the following gifts(I know, it’s a little late to be posting about the holidays. Too Bad). Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and the Megaman Official Complete Works book. My Wife got me the Megaman Official Complete Works book and Castlevania. My brother-in-law gifted me Bad Company 2, which is a game that he plays nightly and I was interested in getting so that I could play on-line with him. Castlevania is a great game and I am really enjoying it (I’m only about a quarter into it).I am a huge Megaman fan and had wanted to pick up the Official Complete Works for quite some time. The book is fantastic, it contains tons of sketches, box-art, un-used promotional material and just about everything else that went into the creative process utilized in making the games. The book is 207 pages and every single page in the book is interesting. The book is filled with anecdotes by Keiji Inafune(the series producer) as well as stories from many other members of the creative teams. In Japan this book is about double the size it is in America, it contains what is known in the states as Megaman X Official Complete Works as a separate book. If you are a Megaman fan I would absolutely suggest you pick this book up.


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